Specialty cleaning

In our commitment to doing business the right way and turning ordinary tasks into extraordinary service, ServiceMaster Clean® offers environmentally conscious, green cleaning options. Our patented Capture and Removal Cleaning® system meets all the environmental and performance requirements of the Green Seal Environmental Standard for Cleaning Services (GS-42), and it can help your business reap …

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Property Clean Outs

We specialize in restoring residential and commercial properties to “Marketplace Condition” in situations of foreclosure, estate sales, receivership, water or fire damage, eviction and other distressed property scenarios. We cover trashouts, site clean-up, board-ups, and other services to help rapidly return your property to a clean, show-able condition that is ready for the marketplace with minimal investment and zero …

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What is Mold Remediation?

Mold assessment and mold remediation are techniques used in occupational health: mold assessment is the process of identifying the location and extent of the mold hazard in a structure, and mold remediation is the process of removal and/or cleanup of mold from an indoor environment. Molds are ubiquitous in nature, and mold spores are a common component of household and workplace dust. …

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Odor got your nose?

Our process for all odor removal is simple, we first identifying the source of the odor, then remove it, not mask the odor.  We also clean and disinfect all affected surfaces, after the odor causing particles have been removed. When our technicians arrive we will consult with you concerning estimated dates, phases and pricing for …

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How to Prevent a Fire.

Inspect your home. You may need to recruit, or even hire, someone experienced in home electrical wiring, plumbing (gas), heating, and air conditioning. Stay in the kitchen when using the range for cooking. If you are leaving for just a minute, turn off all the burners on the range. Going to the basement for a …

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What we do.

Our team of professionals are experts in industrial cleaning. We offer facility maintenance services you need to increase efficiency, enhance productivity, and improve profitability. Our industry support services make it easy to focus on running the business and generating revenue rather than dealing with maintenance issues.

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Lead Paint in your Home?

Paint containing more than .06% lead was banned for residential use in the United States in 1978 by the Product Safety Commission. About three-quarters of homes built before then contain some lead paint. It was used both inside and outside the home because it increased durability, sped drying, and resisted moisture. The only way to …

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