Prevent Sewage Drain Back-Ups

Just as your body requires attention to prevent illness and maintain health, so does your home – especially when it comes to ensuring your home’s main drain system keeps on doing its job.  What comes in must go out, and half of plumbing is about getting rid of waste.  Drains, waste, and vents – commonly …

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Driveways and sidewalks need periodic maintenance, too.

• Remove any grass or weeds that are encroaching or growing in cracks on the driveway or sidewalk. • Continue this by giving a thorough cleaning with a pressure washer or the high stream setting on your garden hose to remove dirt and grime. • Once your driveway or sidewalk has dried, patch any cracks …

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Catagories of Water

Water intrusion that causes damage to properties is classified into (3) seperate catagories: (1) Catagory 1 – This catagory of water originates from a sanitary water source such as a supply line to a sink. (2) Catagory 2 – This catagory of water contains significant contamination with the potential to cause discomfort or sickness if contacted …

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Spring Home Improvement and Maintenance Tips

With warm weather quickly approaching, it is imperative to perform some important maintenance items on your most prized possession. In today’s housing market it is imperative to keep your home in the best condition possible to assist in maintaining its value! ServiceMaster Assured Cleaning put together a few helpful tips to take a look at. The …

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Do you have “Ring around the collar” from these hot sweaty days?  Did your candles drip onto the rug? How about those scuff marks on your linoleum?  Check out this website  ALLABOUTHOME.COM.  Provided by ServiceMaster.   The website offers quick helpful hints on removal and cleaning of these and many more home related damages. Check it out!