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Emergency Restoration Services in Reading, PA, and the Surrounding Areas

ServiceMaster Restore offers 24-hour, 7 days a week emergency restoration services in Reading, PA, and the surrounding areas. We will be on-site at your home or place of business any time, day or night. With some of the quickest response times in the industry, you can always count on ServiceMaster Restore to provide you with immediate, high-quality restoration services.

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Emergency Fire Restoration

When a fire occurs, it’s imperative that the clean-up begins right away. Fires can devastate a structure, and you’ll need the right people with the correct equipment to go over the damaged area. With our emergency fire restoration services, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your residential or commercial building is being handled by professionals. Our team will begin work right away, cleaning your property and removing any and all damaged items and materials during the fire restoration process.

Additionally, we understand that when a fire happens, two major factors contribute to the damage a building can sustain; soot and water. Soot is caused by the combustion of building materials and interior items, whereas water damage is caused when the fire is extinguished by the fire department. We offer emergency soot removal and water damage emergency services, so that both issues can be addressed simultaneously. If you’ve recently fallen victim to a fire at your home or business, look to ServiceMaster Restore and our emergency restoration services in Reading, PA, and the surrounding areas.

Emergency Water Restoration

Flooding is occurring at a much higher rate across most parts of the state. Large storms with unprecedented rainfall totals have been the number one cause. If your house or commercial location has been flooded and you need immediate help, look to ServiceMaster Restore.

We have a dedicated team for emergency water restoration services. Whether day or night, weekdays or weekends, if you need water damage emergency services, you can always trust we’ll be there. We’ll get to work immediately, removing all the unsalvageable goods and building components, and ensuring no further damage occurs due to moisture build-up. Due to the threat of mold and mildew growth, emergency water damage repairs should be completed as soon as possible to avoid continuing problems. Contact us today to learn more about the steps we’ll take to protect your property following a flood with our emergency restoration services in Reading, PA, and the surrounding areas.

Emergency Remediation

Emergency remediation involves some of the most important work that needs to be done following a damaging event at a home or business. Depending on the circumstances, harmful substances may impact the surrounding area. That’s when it’s critical to contact a professional emergency remediation company. Whether for a business restoration or an emergency home restoration, remediation is a necessary component when hazardous substances are involved.

ServiceMaster Restore offers comprehensive restoration services, including a team dedicated to emergency mold remediation. Reach out today to learn more about our ability to restore your property quickly and effectively with emergency restoration services in Reading, PA, and the surrounding areas.

Emergency Restoration Group

If you need a professional emergency home restoration company to help rebuild your life after a significant event, contact ServiceMaster Pro. As a leading emergency restoration group, we offer a range of services, including emergency soot removal, emergency mold remediation, emergency board-ups, emergency water damage repairs, and much more.

Have questions about our emergency restoration services in Reading, PA, or the surrounding areas? Contact ServiceMaster Pro today to speak with one of our team and schedule an appointment.

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