3 Unlikely Places Where Mold Can Hide

Most know that any amount of water damage to your Berks County home can lead to mold growth over time. However, you might be surprised if you have to call in a mold remediation technician because of new growth if you haven’t experienced any flooding recently. 

Unfortunately, mold’s an insidious issue that can creep up on a homeowner without requiring a dramatic, aquatic event to induce it. In many cases, the problem can simply stem from the high humidity in your home.

Mold cleanup can be required whenever there are even mild signs of mold and mildew. Since mold spores are practically ubiquitous, it’s not uncommon for hidden mold to crop up in the least likely places. Here are a few unusual places where hidden mold can grow:

Air Conditioners

Any appliance that creates condensation is a place where you can find mold hiding, and that’s especially true of your air conditioning system. The basic premise of air conditioners is that they cool the air and pull moisture out of it before cycling it back through your home. 

However, the humidity doesn’t just disappear. Whether your AC unit uses drip pans or drainage lines, the damp conditions set the stage for hidden mold to thrive. If you’re using a window unit, then you might be able to fix the issue without calling a mold remediation technician, but HVAC systems always require professional help to ensure proper mold cleanup. 

Filing Cabinets

You probably know that mold grows in environments where it’s dark, damp, and there’s food for the mold to eat, but you probably don’t associate that image with your home’s office. However, filing cabinets are often susceptible to mold, even without the need for significant amounts of water damage.

Humidity in the room can make your old tax returns and family letters a breeding ground for mold. Depending on how long the hidden mold is allowed to exist, a mold remediation expert might be able to preserve the integrity of the papers, but it’s always better to avoid the issue in the first place. One way to prevent the need for a mold cleanup appointment is to install dehumidifiers in your home office and run it during the most humid times of the year.

Washing Machines

You probably don’t think your washing machine would be an ideal environment for mold to grow in, but many mold remediation experts can tell you otherwise. The main concern is the gasket around the door of front loading washing machines because that’s where water often collects after a load of laundry is done and where hidden mold can often take root. 

To avoid the need for mold cleanup services related to your washing machine, all you have to do is wipe the gasket after use to ensure that water isn’t allowed to collect and create the environment that mold loves. 

To find out more about places where hidden mold grows or get a quote for mold removal services in Berks County, call ServiceMaster Restore today!

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