3 Winter Fire Safety Tips

Furnaces, space heaters, and other heat sources are used with greater frequency when temperatures drop, which creates the perfect space to cozy up. However, it also increases the chances that a fire starts, especially if the proper precautions aren’t taken to protect your home.

Luckily, you can do a few simple things to avoid the need to invest in fire damage cleanup services. Here are three ways you can keep your family safe this winter:

Test Alarms Regularly

Generally speaking, it’s best to make sure that you have working smoke detectors all year round, but it becomes crucial during the winter months when it’s more necessary to add heat to your home, thereby increasing the risk of starting a fire.

You should aim to test your smoke detectors once a month at least. Doing these regular tests will allow you to determine whether there are any issues that would keep them from operating when you need them most.

Further, if appliances in your home burn fuel, you want to make sure that you have functional carbon monoxide detectors around your house to keep your family safe from the colorless, odorless toxin.

Get Your Heating System Inspected

Some of the most significant risks of a fire come from your home’s heat sources, so it’s vital to ensure that your system operates the way it should. For that reason, it’s valuable to have a professional inspect your furnace and chimney for signs of dangerous leaks or buildup that could catch fire.

Watch out for these signs of a gas leak from your appliances or heating system.

Be Vigilant Around Space Heaters

Many people opt to use space heaters to reduce the cost of running the heat or helping them achieve a comfortable temperature. However, to reduce your risk of starting a fire, ensure that you’re following the best safety guidelines when choosing and using a space heater.

When you buy a space heater, be sure that you’re getting one with an automatic shut-off system. The way this feature works is that it turns off the space heater automatically if it should reach a specific temperature that could be dangerous, allowing you to minimize the risk of it starting a fire.

In addition to having the proper safety features, it’s also essential to maintain a perimeter around the space heater where children can’t play, and objects aren’t allowed to reside. You want to minimize the number of opportunities available for children to jostle the space heater or have something like drying clothes and decorations catch fire.

To find out more about how to minimize your fire risk, or get a quote for fire damage restoration services in Reading, PA, call ServiceMaster Restore today!

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