7 Tips to Help Prevent Basement Flooding During Spring Showers

When the spring rains fall hard, your basement needs protection. After flooding from Tropical Storm Isaias in August of 2020, Berks County residents are taking a more urgent look at basement flooding prevention. Even with our traditional spring showers, it’s important to be prepared when heavy rains try to find a way in. As a leading water damage company Reading, PA, residents count on for disaster recovery of all kinds; we at ServiceMaster Restore have a few pointers for protecting against spring flooding.

1. Beware of ice dams causing water to back up or creating unusual roof drainage.

2. Check your foundation and ensure that no cracks have developed. If you experience sticking doors, cracks in walls, or other signs that your home is settling and shifting (especially if it’s an older home) your foundation may have cracks also.

3. Check roof runoff, clean your gutters, and be sure water doesn’t spill over into window wells.

4. Make sure you have a working sump pump. Consider a generator or battery system to keep it operating during power failures.

5. Consider a septic system check to avoid backups from groundwater infiltration, or ask a plumber about a backwater valve.

6. Make sure your landscaping and property grading lead water away from your foundation, not towards it.

7. Have a professional inspection to find your home’s vulnerabilities to groundwater during heavy rain, flooding of nearby rivers and streams, and other risks.

At ServiceMaster Restore, we help our community recover from disasters. We evaluate the damage, create a remediation plan, and follow through until the property is restored. We see the heavy damage that water can do to properties. We hope that these tips help people prepare for heavy rains each spring and even occasional tropical storms. Water damage recovery can be complex, but preventive measures can be fairly simple.

When the Unexpected Happens, Call ServiceMaster Restore Right Away!

With Tropical Storm Isaias, many area residents were caught unprepared. Power failures during heavy rain meant pumps failed. At ServiceMaster Restore, flood cleanup is part of our extensive line of disaster mitigation services, mold cleanup, and rebuilding services. We’re on call to provide a professional, comprehensive recovery plan and get our team going, with expert management overseeing your property’s restoration. Keep our number handy, and you’ll be one step ahead when the time comes!

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