Back in Business: Some Common Issues With Commercial Buildings That Have Been Sitting Idle

With restrictions beginning to lift across the state as the world still grapples with COVID-19, there are some factors that you need to take into consideration when reopening your building. Larger commercial buildings that have sat idle for the past few months have not been subject to their regular cleaning routines. This lapse in the routine can lead to potential health hazards that have been allowed to grow in the intervening months. Identifying the potential dangers and how to best combat them moving forward will be vital to your reopening plans and maintaining your employees’ safety and any visitors you may have. 

Mold Buildup

While you were away from your building, mold may have had the chance to grow. This growth can pose a threat to your workers upon their return. Therefore, it’s important to protect those who have an increased risk of being negatively impacted by mold growth. Before letting your employees and customers back into the building, have the building inspected for potential mold growth. If mold growth instances are found and exceed 10 square feet, call in a professional mold remediation service in the Reading area to deal with the growth. 

Combating Legionella

Legionella is the bacteria that causes Legionnaires disease. Legionella develops in stalled or stagnant water found in your building’s pipes. Usually, with all of the activity that your building sees daily, it prevents that water from stalling long enough for legionella to develop and become an issue. However, with the shutdown, your building sat idle for the past few months, and legionella may have had the chance to grow into a health hazard. Before reopening your building to the public, you will want to make sure that your water treatment processes are up to date and that your water system has been flushed and ready for service. Clean all of the public water fixtures, fountains, faucets, and the like, ensure that your water is properly maintained, and have a clear water maintenance plan in place for any potential future interruptions. 

As your commercial building begins to reopen and invite your employees and visitors back into the building, you want to ensure that you have taken all of the necessary safety precautions. Taking the time to enlist the services of a water damage company in Reading, PA, like ServiceMaster Restore, can help give you, your employees, and your visitors peace of mind. Contact the ServiceMaster Restore team today to schedule an appointment!

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