Basic Home Fire Safety Checklist

As one of the leading providers of fire restoration services in Reading, ServiceMaster Restore has had an opportunity to work with many homeowners who have had to deal with a house fire. Over the course of helping these clients, our team has learned that, like most things, taking a little precaution now can go a long way towards saving you the headache of comparing different fire restoration companies in the area.

There are plenty of steps you can take to reduce your risk of a house fire, but here are some of the best fire-prevention steps you can take to protect your home:

Know Where Your Equipment Is

Every house should have fire safety equipment that everyone is trained to use and can easily access. You should keep a fire extinguisher or fire blanket on hand in the kitchen, especially away from the stove, so that you’re able to access it in the event of a stovetop fire easily.

Besides knowing where an extinguisher is, you should also know where all your smoke detectors are located. A great way of ensuring that your family is safe in the event of a fire is to make sure that every smoke detector in your house is in working order and positioned in a way that would allow everyone to hear the alarm, should it go off.

What Fire Safety Equipment Should I Have at Home?

Never Leave a Heat Source Unattended

Whether it’s a candle, a frying pan, or a space heater, you should avoid leaving any heat source completely unattended. If you’re cooking at a stove, make sure there’s an adult who can watch the food to ensure that hot oil or other materials don’t catch fire or set fire to anything in the surrounding area.

Practice Your Fire Escape Plan

Every home should have an emergency escape plan written out and posted somewhere to ensure everyone understands what they have to do if the house catches fire. Your entire family should practice this plan regularly throughout the year to ensure that there is no hesitation in carrying it out since every second can make a difference if a fire should arise.For more tips about making your home fire-safe, contact ServiceMaster Restore, one of the leading fire damage restoration companies serving Reading and the surrounding areas!

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