Commercial Vandalism and Graffiti Restoration in Reading, PA

Vandalism is a willful act with malicious intent that can cause thousands of dollars in property damages and take an emotional toll on the affected business owner. Discovering that your property has been vandalized can be a tough pill to swallow. Even worse is dealing with the aftermath, which can be quite a laborious event. The last thing you need on your shoulders is the stress of having to clean up the mess alone, no matter the size of the damage. Whether the vandalism results in a minor imperfection or major physical damage to the building, there’s one disaster restoration company that you can always count on to have your back — ServiceMaster Restore

Before you can even finish saying our name, a team of our restoration specialists will show up to your property with all of the tools and expertise necessary to make your place of business look brand new again! We are professionally trained, experienced, and certified to take care of your property restoration, and any following deterioration. Let our team handle the: 

● Debris clean-up
● Graffiti removal
Fire and smoke restoration
Water damage restoration
Mold remediation
Trauma clean-up
● And more!

Our disaster restoration services are available 24/7! We arrive on the scene quickly, inspect the damage thoroughly, and immediately get to work on performing your restoration. Your business will be back to perfect before you know it!

Need vandalism cleanup and recovery services today? Give us a call right now!