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Customer’s Reviews

Tower City, PA
Very polite and professional. They did a terrific job especially Barb.

Reading, PA
Very likely! They were phenomenal! Very professional and did beautiful work!

Reading, PA
Great response to my urgent request for disinfecting deep cleaning. Grace did a wonderful job working with me. I’m very pleased with their job and would gladly recommend them.

Pottstown, PA
Friendly service, fast response time, very thorough in the work

Center Valley, PA
Friendly, knowledgeable, honest.

Pottsville, PA
Make sure that copies of all paperwork that goes to the Insurance Company are automatically provided to the homeowner at the same time. FYI - your representative and workers were very polite and professional at all times.

Pottsville, PA
quality craftsman ship. hats off to Christian for doing a very nice job and John staying up on things when surprises happened.

Center Valley, PA
Skip Bell, general manager, is friendly, professional and trustworthy. He helped to ease the stress associated with the loss. The remediation team worked efficiently and the construction/painting team’s work was very good. You can’t tell that there was previously a huge opening in the ceiling. The repairs appear seamless. Overall the service was excellent and I would definitely recommend Skip and his team to others.

Tremont, PA
ServiceMaster cleaning assessment services was the provider for the massive cleaning efforts provided to my mother after a kitchen fire. They were pleasant and very prompt. Arriving the day after the fire, they immediately assessed the damages and assisted in dealing with the cost assessment for cleaning, laundry and electrical servicing as well as cost value for items to be replaced. The people assigned to clean for us were quiet and friendly. They worked diligently and kept us abreast of things that needed to be replaced in the kitchen due to smoke damage. Rose helped us by ensuring that we received reimbursement for dry goods and containers as well as informing us when it was discovered the ceiling tiles would have to be replaced. Theron communicated with us directly to make sure our necessities were replaced promptly and even hung the curtains up himself when they were returned. We would recommend the ServiceMaster cleaning service and Theron from Linens and Electronics to assist with restoration any day. ServiceMaster was our provider for all repairs to the kitchen. John responded promptly to us for updates on when the replacement items for our kitchen were available for installation. I don't have worker names for the contractors, but every employee was hard working and knowledgeable. They arrived timely and made every effort to be not only efficient, but friendly and accommodating. They worked very diligently and with as little disruption as possible. All came to the house prepared for the tasks to be performed each time. If issues arose for items needing repair such as in replacing my mother's sink, they informed us promptly of their findings so we were able to provide new materials to replace the sink, faucet and brackets as well as plumbing repairs to drain. They work hard without supervision and were honest and dependable.The kitchen repairs came out beautifully from refinishing the cabinets to placing the new backsplash and countertop. We would recommend ServiceMaster contracting for repairs any day as well.

Minersville, PA
Service was prompt and efficient. Girard did a great job explaining the process and answered all my questions. Had a problem with the drain pipe not being capped, but that was corrected.