Eliminate Odors

The “Musty” Smell

An odor is caused by one or more volatized chemical compounds. The odor may be released as a vapor or attached to particulate in aerosol. Household odors may come from many sources, including humans, chemicals, building materials, animals, dirt, smoke, sewage, mold, etc. Some harmful odors come from water damage to structures. The “musty” smell of mold is an example of a potentially harmful odor.

The primary key to odor elimination is to remove the source of odor. For example, if there is we moldy drywall in a structure, no amount of cleaning or deodorization techniques will remove the odor until the wet, moldy drywall is removed from the structure.

Odors that we detect by smell may have also been absorbed into the building materials and contents. Removing these sources may not eliminate the odor from the environment. Building & content cleaning as well as air cleaning & deodorization may be necessary.

ServiceMaster Restore has a number of different cleaning products as well as deodorization equipment that we use to effectively eliminate odors from various building structures and content. The source of the odor, for example, synthetic (oil smell) or organic (skunk) determines the type of deodorization technique that will be used.

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