Fire & Smoke Restoration

Fire Restoration Services in Reading and the Surrounding Areas

Few experiences are more devastating than watching a fire engulf your home or place of business in flames. The aftermath can be especially difficult, as most homeowners and business owners are left discouraged and stressed out over the loss of their property and personal belongings. This is made even worse by the fact that the fire can continue to cause damage even after it has been put out. Then, there’s the water damage to worry about. Can all of this truly be restored? 

When left in the hands of a professional fire damage restoration company, it can! At ServiceMaster Restore, we specialize in disaster recovery and cleaning services. That means that no matter the degree of damage caused to your property, we’ll have it looking brand new in no time at all. Whether the project requires major reconstruction or just some degree of cleanup and restoration, ServiceMaster technicians have the experience and capability to restore your home or business back to normal.

Our fire restoration services are available 24/7 for residents of Reading, PA, and the surrounding areas. The sooner you call us, the better!

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The Leading Fire and Water Disaster Restoration Company Has Got Your Back!

For most homeowners and business owners, overcoming major property damage caused by accidental fires or floods can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! Not when you have the leading fire and water damage restoration company by your side and ready to help!

ServiceMaster Restore has been providing the leading water damage and fire restoration services to Reading and the surrounding areas for years! Thanks to us, local shops have resumed business as usual within days, and families have come to view their home as a sanctuary once again. Our professional teams take care of the water damage cleanup and fire restoration in a quick and efficient manner to bring value back to your property as soon as possible. What makes our services a notch above the rest?

● We are available for our customers 24/7 in case of an emergency.
● Our rapid response times help mitigate the level of damage left to repair.
● ServiceMaster Restore certified and licensed contractors will handle your restoration from beginning to end.
● We offer affordable rates for high-quality fire cleanup, restoration, and reconstruction.
● Our team has access to state-of-the-art tools and equipment.
● Your satisfaction is guaranteed with each service.

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What Should You Do Immediately After a Fire?

Safety first!

Between watching the local fire department extinguish the flames and waiting for your trusted fire damage restoration company to arrive, it can be tempting to enter the building to view the extent of the damage and find out what may be salvageable. Don’t do this without permission from the fire department! There may be smoke and soot lingering around, which is dangerous for your health.

Contact your insurance company!

What you should do instead is notify your insurance provider and file a claim. Most insurance companies will cover an accidental fire and help you begin the fire damage restoration and reconstruction process. Once it is safe to enter the building, you’ll want to make a list of what items have been damaged to provide to your insurance company.

Begin fire damage cleanup and reconstruction!

Then, get in touch with ServiceMaster Restore to schedule your fire restoration service. Our team has the proper training and technology to safely begin reconstructing your building. With fast response times and careful investigation, we can minimize the damage left behind, as well as repair and replacement costs. Most importantly, we’ll make sure your building is safe and enjoyable to occupy once again.

The Process of Our Fire Restoration Services

Although our fire damage experts make cleanup, restoration, and reconstruction look easy, it’s anything but! Getting your home or business back to pristine condition involves a long and laborious process of removing soot, determining what personal property is too damaged to restore, drying any standing water, and repairing or reconstructing necessary building materials or home items.

Assessing the Situation: The very first step of our fire restoration services is to assess the extent of the damage. How far did the fire penetrate? Where is the brunt of the damage centralized? What furnishings, appliances, or personal items can be saved? Does the building need an emergency tarping? Our team will provide a comprehensive investigation and record everything for insurance purposes.

Minimize Damage: Just because the fire has been put out doesn’t mean there is no damage lingering behind in the form of smoke, soot, water damage, mold and mildew, rust, corrosion, structural damage, and poor indoor air quality. The ServiceMaster Restore experts will work quickly to minimize as much damage as possible.

Remove Soot and Debris: Using specialty tools, our professionals will remove all traces of soot in the building, whether it’s sitting on the surface or it has seeped into the surrounding building materials and home items.

Determine the Condition of Personal Property: With the soot removed, it’s time to get a clear picture of what survived the fire and what needs to be replaced. As we evaluate each personal possession, we will update the homeowner or business owner for their records.

Mitigate Water Damage: The large amounts of water used to extinguish the flames often need to be cleared professionally. We use high-quality dehumidifiers and other commercial-grade equipment to dry out any standing water and mitigate possible water damage.

Cleanup and Sanitation: Smoke and mildew are two of the most common problems left behind by a fire. Using professional cleaning products and equipment, we can carefully deep clean all types of furnishings, appliances, and building materials to remove stains and odors.

Repair and Renovation: Our team is highly trained and experienced in restoring buildings to pre-fire conditions. Homeowners and business owners are amazed at the commitment to quality and excellence shown by ServiceMaster Restore contractors.

In Need of Fire and Water Damage Restoration Services in Reading, PA? Give us a call!

During a disaster, you may not know what to do. Call us, and we will help you through the entire process! Check out what to do and not do in the aftermath of a fire or smoke damaged business or home. Also, take a look at our pro tips to help prevent fire hazards to keep your business and family safe.