Fire and Water Damage Restoration Services

Fire and Water Damage Restoration Services

Home floodings and house fires are both devastating emergencies that can leave individuals panicked and unsure of what to do — however, our restoration experts will know what to do. At ServiceMaster Restore, we’ll help bring normalcy back to your life with our professional fire and water damage restoration services.

Restoring Fire-Damaged Buildings

We understand the urgency of a fire and the stress it can cause, which is why we’re committed to responding quickly to your calls. Additionally it’s also important to schedule fire restoration services as soon as you can. The longer the damage remains untreated, the more likely it is for other issues — like mold growth and structural deterioration — to occur. Plus, fire damage often comes with hidden dangers, such as harmful chemicals and toxic smoke residue, which is why it’s best to leave the restoration process in the hands of our capable team.

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Restoring Water-Damaged Buildings

From a burst pipe to intense flooding, there are many ways a building might sustain water damage. However, no matter why you need water damage restoration services, you can depend on the team at ServiceMaster Restore to have it resolved professionally and in a timely manner. Our experts have the necessary expertise, tools, and protective gear to safely assess and complete water restoration. In addition, they have knowledge of specialized techniques that are needed to extract water, dry out the affected areas, and clean and sanitize various surfaces and materials. In other words, when our team arrives for your flooded building restoration services, you can have confidence that it’s in the care of industry professionals.

Commercial Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Homeowners are far from the only ones who are blindsided by a flood or building fire — businesses are also struck hard when their workplace is damaged by a violent storm or accidental fire. When stores, restaurants, and other establishments are heavily impacted by fire or flooding, business owners may have to put their services on hold depending on the extent of the damage.

As a result, efficient and effective fire and water damage restoration services are of utmost importance for businesses so that downtime can be kept to a minimum. For that reason, the team at ServiceMaster Restore uses their restoration experience to work hard so that your workplace can open its doors again as soon as possible.

Our Fire Damage and Flooded Building Restoration Services Are Available Throughout Pennsylvania

At ServiceMaster Restore, we’re dedicated to helping clients throughout Reading, PA, and beyond whenever a disaster strikes their home or business. If you’re ever in need of professional restoration services, give us a call in the following areas:

  • Lebanon County
  • Schuylkill County
  • Montgomery County
  • Berks County
  • Chester County

Whenever You Need Fire and Water Damage Restoration Services, Give ServiceMaster Restore a Call

If you require 24-hour emergency services for your home or business after a flooding or emergency situation, you can count on ServiceMaster Restore to respond quickly and provide dependable assistance. In addition, we also aid in the repair and construction of buildings so that the lives of our clients can return to normal as quickly as possible. For more information on our fire and water damage restoration services, contact us today.