How to Make a Successful Water Damage Insurance Claim

One of the most common insurance claims homeowners file is for water damage. Damages due to water can occur at any time, but unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with the insurance process. Understanding the water leak insurance claim procedure can help you in the long run. To get started, here’s how to make a successful water leak insurance claim and avoid further damage in five steps.

Control the Leak

Before you begin the water leak insurance claim process, it’s vital to prevent any further damage from occurring. Determine the source of the leak and take control by shutting off the water. The sooner the source of the leak is taken care of, the less the water will spread. Afterward, remove any possessions from the area, so they aren’t damaged further.

Document Damage

Knowing how to make a successful water leak insurance claim involves gathering evidence to support your case. Take as many photos and videos as possible to prove the leak and the extent of the damage. This can include the source of the leak itself, any standing water, and areas of your home and items impacted by the water. Having photos will prove valuable when making your claim.


After gathering the evidence, it’s time to remove the water to prevent further damage. You must only take this step after documenting the leak, as you’ll be removing evidence to support your claim. Drain the water from the places it leaked into, and then use fans and other sources of airflow to dry out the dampness — by doing so, you’ll prevent the growth of mold and mildew. However, you should not perform any repairs during this time until you’ve been told to, nor should you throw out any water-damaged items. The insurance adjuster will need to see the damage in order to make a proper assessment.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Although it is not essential to know how to make a successful water leak insurance claim, it is in your best interest to inform your insurance agent as soon as possible. Many companies serve the first person who comes to them, so getting in line earlier will help you get your water leak claims approved sooner and, in turn, result in faster repairs. From there, you will meet with a claims adjuster assigned by the insurance company to assess the damage. They’ll examine the extent of the water leak damage at your home and prepare the claim.

Understand Insurance Coverage

While quickly contacting your insurance company is of utmost importance, so too is familiarizing yourself with your policy. Understanding how to make a successful water leak insurance claim also means knowing what your insurance plan covers. Insurance companies have established different types of water damage, and the kind that occurred at your home can influence whether or not you receive coverage.

The kind that includes water leaks is known as sudden and accidental, which protects many aspects of your home, including ruined flooring, soaked personal belongings, and more. While flooding is an incredibly common form of water damage, it is not covered by home insurance — instead, you will need to have flood insurance for coverage. Another kind is gradual water damage, which occurs when unseen water damage has built up over time. However, this kind is not commonly covered by policies.

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