Lead Paint in your Home?

Paint containing more than .06% lead was banned for residential use in the United States in 1978 by the Product Safety Commission. About three-quarters of homes built before then contain some lead paint. It was used both inside and outside the home because it increased durability, sped drying, and resisted moisture. The only way to know if your home is afflicted with this health hazard is to have a professional test your home. We can schedule an appointment to test your paint. It is also recommended to wipe down surfaces and vacuum to help remove dust that may carry lead, especially during remodeling.

Lead poisoning is the top environmental cause of illness in children, primarily caused by ingestion. A child’s normal hand-to-mouth contact can move dislodged paint or dust into their system. Parents should also beware contaminant soil outside. Lead poisoning causes many symptoms and in extreme cases death. Although lead poisoning is quicker in children, adults can be affected as well, and a variety of symptoms may or may not occur.

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