Prevent Future Health Problems by Restoring Your Commercial Property After a Fire

When tragedy occurs and a fire breaks out in your commercial property, the aftermath can be devastating. It can look nearly unrecognizable depending on the severity of the damage, and ultimately, how bad the fire itself was. Luckily, there are great options for damage restoration, particularly in the Berks County area. Even so, it is important to know what lies around following a fire and why time is of the essence when contemplating restoration services. 

Two of the main components left behind from a fire that can contribute to future health problems are soot and smoke accumulation. Any debris and remaining water buildup present their own threats too. Here we’ll dive deeper into each and what medical conditions can be avoided if the right steps are taken in time. 

Allergies & Asthma

Many dangerous elements that can play a part in one’s health can be inhaled or ingested. Some are also absorbed through the skin and eyes. With that being said, it makes sense that the various elements in the air can trigger allergies. More specifically, if water is sprayed throughout the space, it is common that a buildup may form, leading to mold. Interestingly enough, a handful of people are allergic and can react adversely to it. Not to mention, water damage may be present, and that provides its own risks, including the building’s structural integrity.

Similar to the risks associated with being present during a fire, the aftermath of one presents a potential for smoke inhalation. 

While the areas may be cleared of smoke, particles can become trapped in surfaces. 

It may not be easily noticeable, but these can pose a threat when coming in contact with an affected area. Because of that, one could still experience respiratory problems, including asthma, as the threatening particles may attack one’s lungs. 

Skin Concerns 

Just like inhaling smoke from damaged items can lead to health problems later down the line, coming in direct contact with the potentially hazardous materials poses its own threats. This has to do with one’s skin and can not only happen from smoke residue but from soot too. Should you experience anything such as this, we advise consulting a medical professional. 

Fixing Your Space — The Safe Way

When you’re ready to take back your commercial space and safely restore it, contact our team for restoration services available throughout Berks County and the surrounding areas. 

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