Proper Commercial Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures for COVID-19

Over the past year, how people have done business with one another has changed drastically. For many, so have their business models in order to adapt to the climate of the pandemic. With COVID-19 being a common concern when leaving one’s home, it is more important than ever to implement strong cleaning and disinfecting procedures within your business. By doing so, not only can it lead to your employees feeling more comfortable and safe within their work environment, but it becomes more inviting to customers. Here, we will review some steps business owners can take to properly clean and disinfect their commercial space. 

Recognize Your Needs

Before getting started, it is crucial to recognize what areas are used most frequently in comparison to those used irregularly. By doing so, it helps to determine those that need more attention versus those that only need routine cleaning. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), any spaces that have not been used for seven days or more only need routine cleaning. With that in mind, it may help to decrease the amount of surface area that must be cleaned.  

Another factor to consider is how the areas will be cleaned, which all depends on the surface type and how often it is touched. The priority should go to high touch and high traffic areas. Check out our infographic below. 

The final piece to consider when developing your plan for cleaning is the resources available to you. Not only does this include cleaning products, as to be expected, but personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to keep those that are cleaning safe. 

Getting Started 

Prior to disinfecting, it is recommended that you wipe down dirty surfaces with soap and water. Then, you can go ahead and incorporate the right disinfectant or cleaning products. Be sure to review the labels of any products used to make sure they disinfect against COVID-19. Most notably, follow the instructions on the label and review for safety too.  

Review and Repeat

Once all done, review your plan and ensure it makes sense for the future. See if it should be changed slightly, or if it is best to repeat as is. A helpful tip is to be sure you have enough supplies, whether cleaning supplies or PPE, for your upcoming cleanings. It is best to order well in advance, so you can ensure you have them on time. The CDC also advises that frequently touched surfaces are disinfected daily, so incorporate that into the schedule. 

Professional Help

Certainly, it can be hard to properly maintain a commercial space given there is a lot of upkeep required. Cleaning can become time-consuming and overwhelming, so sometimes it is best to hire experts. Even worse, if an unexpected tragedy hits, and it causes a flood, fire, or another unfortunate outcome on your property, that requires even more on your part; not to worry though, for we offer damage restoration too. 
Whether it is disinfection services or restoration services you are in need of, our team of professionals does it all! We’re local here in Berks County, so contact us today!

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