Residential Biohazard Cleanup Services

Residential Biohazard Cleanup Services in Reading, PA

Biological hazards, or biohazards for short, can be extremely dangerous to people who are exposed without adequate protection. That’s why cleaning up a contaminated area, like a crime scene or blackwater flood, is nothing like your typical cleaning routine at home or work. Safety equipment, commercial-grade chemical cleaners, extensive experience, and an eye for attention to detail are all required for successful biohazard cleanup and restoration services. You can find all of the aforementioned qualities and more with ServiceMaster Restore. 

Our team of professional restoration specialists is dedicated to providing clients with immediate results. We understand the dangers of letting biological agents (such as human blood, animal waste, bodily fluids, sharp products, etc.) sit for extended periods of time, so we aim to get on the scene as soon as possible to begin the cleaning and disinfection process.

You can’t trust this level of sanitation and restoration to just anyone! ServiceMaster Restore’s team of certified professionals know exactly what it takes to make your property healthy and safe to occupy once again. We come prepared with all of the necessary cleaning products and protective equipment to ensure one trip is all it takes to sanitize your property. Our biohazard cleanup services meet all health and OSHA regulations, and they abide by local codes as well.

Two individuals in full sanitation suits perform trauma cleanup.

Let’s make your home healthy once again! Contact us today to schedule an emergency service!