Residential Vandalism Clean-Up and Recovery Services

Residential Vandalism Clean-Up and Recovery Services in Reading, PA

Losing the home of your dreams to petty crimes such as vandalism and graffiti can be a traumatic event for any homeowner. You worked hard to give your family a secure residence where happiness can thrive, yet one swing of a bat or one spray of paint can ruin the sanctuary which you call home. Although there’s nothing more devastating than finding your house vandalized, time is of the essence! Contact your local ServiceMaster Restore pros to make your home look brand new again! 

Much like other property damage, vandalism and graffiti have to be removed as soon as possible.

Leaving a damaged home unrepaired and unrestored for too long is an open invitation to vandals to do what they do best. If you want to ensure your home is never targeted again, you need to contact our 24/7 emergency services right away!

At ServiceMaster Restore, we know what it takes to bring your home back to life. Our emergency restoration specialists will immediately get to work after diagnosing the extent of the damage. With state-of-the-art tools and extensive industry experience, we’ll have you back home in no time at all.

Here are all of the vandalism clean-up and recovery services we take care of:

● Debris clean-up
● Trauma clean-up
● Graffiti removal
● Building restoration
● Water damage restoration
● Fire and smoke restoration
● And more!

With the ServiceMaster Restore team handling your clean-up and restoration services, it will be like nothing bad ever happened to your home. Give us a call today!