Sewage Backup Removal

Sewage Backup Removal Services in Reading, PA, & the Surrounding Communities

Home and business owners rely more heavily on a properly functioning sewer system than they might realize — until something goes wrong with that system, and they’re staring at an unsanitary mess. When sewage backup contaminates your property, calling a plumber to fix the broken sewer line or clogged sewer drain is a necessity. But how do you ensure that the area is disinfected, decontaminated, and no longer a health hazard for residents, staff members, and customers?

You call ServiceMaster Restore for professional sewage backup removal services! We have the tools, training, and experience to handle the dirtiest of dirty work, so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your home or business facility. 

Not only would it be unpleasant to handle the clean-up by yourself, but your efforts would also probably be insufficient. Even if an area looks clean, sewage contains a host of bacteria and possibly parasites and viruses that are invisible to the naked eye. You need a team of trained pros with the right equipment to remove the biohazardous materials and thoroughly disinfect the contaminated area.

When you call us for sewage backup removal, we follow a 5-step process:

● We use our special equipment and techniques to remove the sewage and contaminated water;
● We remove any objects, furnishings, carpeting, or flooring in the area that have been contaminated.
● We dry and ventilate the area with heavy-duty air movers.
● We clean and disinfect the contaminated area to eradicate existing bacteria and prevent the growth of mold or mildew in the future.
● We follow up with further guidance and support to ensure that you don’t experience any ongoing issues.

For more information about our sewage removal services for residential and commercial customers in Reading, PA, and the surrounding region, contact ServiceMaster Restore today.