The Importance of Emergency Board-Up Services

Whether a fire or a flood damages your property, you’ll be thankful after calling for emergency board-up services. Covering up doors, windows, and other broken entrances with plywood and tarps is essential for the safety of both residential and commercial buildings. To learn more about the importance of board-up services, here are three of the biggest impacts they will have on a damaged property.

Avoiding Further Damage

After a harsh storm tears down your windows and doors, the last thing you’ll want is for the elements to reach the interior of your building. Torrential downpours and heavy snow can enter through any openings caused by the extreme weather and create further damage you’ll have to fix. Most notable is water damage to the wood fixtures, flooring, and furniture, which can be expensive to repair and replace. Additionally, the excess moisture makes it easier for mold to grow and spread. By calling for an emergency board-up, you’ll be able to prevent the elements from inflicting any more damage on a home or business.

Boarding up your property is also important for receiving insurance claims. Insurance adjusters will need to inspect the damage caused by the storm, and by shielding your building from further harm, it preserves the condition of the property and helps with the approval of your claim.

Keeping Out Trespassers

It will take some time for the repairs and replacements — long enough for unwanted guests to take advantage of any openings and cause further problems. Thieves can capitalize on any entryways to steal your personal belongings, expensive electronics, and even information like bank account details. An emergency board-up will prevent any theft from taking place by quickly closing up your property before anyone has the chance to enter.

If your home or business sustains heavy damage from a storm or fire, you won’t just have to worry about people coming in but wild animals as well. They can enter and make a real mess of the interior. With the help of prompt board-up services, you won’t have to worry about any trespassers, whether they’re human or animal.

Preventative Protection

Board-up services aren’t just done in response to emergencies but in preparation for them as well. Before a natural disaster has a chance to cause any serious harm to your property, the boarding will be in place to protect the building. Even if there are damages, the boarding will help mitigate any that occurs and, by extension, lower any repair costs you’ll have to pay.

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