Ways to Make Better Use of Your Basement Space

A basement can be a versatile and extremely useful feature in a home. But if yours has historically been used as an overgrown “junk drawer” where you can store everything you don’t use (and then forget about it), or if it’s a dark, dank dungeon where only your appliances dare to tread, it might be time to consider making better use of that space.

The benefits of refinishing a basement are plentiful, from boosting your home’s overall value to providing your family with extra space to unwind, bond with one another, entertain guests, and enjoy life without having to leave the house!

Here are just a few ideas for repurposing a basement space:

  • Spare bedroom for guests or live-in family members;
  • Small apartment for a tenant;
  • Office for running a small business or working from home in peace and quiet; 
  • Home gym filled with exercise equipment, or at-home yoga studio;
  • Home theater with big-screen TV, surround-sound system, and ample seating.
  • Game room with billiards, darts, ping pong table, or video games 
  • Play room for young kids (you can get all the toys out of the living room!)
  • Wine cellar or wet bar for entertaining adult guests;
  • Expanded laundry area with room for folding, ironing, and hanging clothes to dry.

Here at ServiceMaster Assured Cleaning, we provide professional water damage restoration services for residential and commercial properties throughout Berks County and all the surrounding counties. Our restoration work turns neglected and damaged areas of homes and businesses into safe, structurally sound and functional rooms for work and play.

Homeowners who want to refurbish their basements turn to us to ensure the entire space is free from mold and other moisture-related hazards. Before deciding how to repurpose a basement space, the most important question to ask is, do you have water damage that needs to be addressed?

Check your basement for the warning signs listed in the following infographic:

Have you noticed any evidence of these issues? Your next step is to schedule an appointment with our specialists. We’ll inspect your basement and determine the right course of action to restore the space, whether it’s mold remediation, water extraction, and drying — or even biohazard removal and decontamination. 

Whether you’re planning to convert your basement into an entertainment area or you just want to make sure your property is clean and sanitary after a flood, you can trust ServiceMaster Assured Cleaning to get the job done right. We serve home and business owners throughout Berks County and the surrounding counties, and we work with all insurance companies. Give us a call today to request an estimate!

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