What Business Owners Should Know About Mold

Mold can be an insidious adversary for business owners. While you may be familiar with the visual signs of mold – like fuzzy or slimy patches of black spots crawling up your walls – it can start having an impact on your business before there’s any visual sign to tell you to act. You don’t want to wait until you’ve got black patches in your office building to start looking up mold removal companies in your area because by then, it could already be making your employees sick or impacting the overall productivity of the business.

If you suspect your offices have been impacted by mold, here’s what you need to do to ensure the problem gets solved as quickly as possible:

Isolate the Cause

Mold doesn’t come from nowhere. Spores can often be found in dust and the debris of everyday living, but it’s not until they find a dark, damp place to grow that they become an issue.

In office buildings, there can be a variety of reasons why mold has found an amenable place to spread. In some cases, it could be that the design of the building doesn’t do a good job of keeping the space dry, either because damp materials were used to construct it or the design allows rain and other precipitation to seep in. Whatever the cause may be, it’s crucial to identify the source and take steps to correct it.

Minimize Moisture

Once you’ve found the area where mold has begun growing, it’s crucial that you try to limit the amount of moisture that can get into the space. The reason you want to eliminate as much moisture as you can is that mold thrives in moist environments and can take hold in things like damp rugs, papers, and wood with ease.

If you can, open windows and ventilate the area, but avoid using your building’s HVAC system to accomplish this. If mold spores get into the HVAC system, you can end up creating a larger problem throughout the building

Contact the Experts

If your building has mold, it’s important to talk with experts on how to handle the situation. One obvious resource would be to speak with mold remediation companies about the proper solution you need for your specific problem, but you should also contact your landlord if you have one, and your insurance company. They should be made aware of the fact that there’s a mold problem so that you can take the steps necessary to remain compliant with your lease and insurance policies.

To find out more about the steps you need to take if you think your business has a mold problem or get a quote for mold remediation services in Reading, PA, call ServiceMaster Restore today!

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