What Is Considered Smoke Damage?

House fires can cause more damage than burning down walls and destroying expensive furniture. Because smoke always contains carbon dioxide, monoxide, and soot, the smoke created by fires can also negatively affect anything that comes into contact with it. As such, there are several different types of smoke damage that can occur based on the kind of material that was burnt, including:

  • Wet smoke, which is made by low heat flames typically caused by burnt plastic
  • Dry smoke, which is produced by high-temperature fires burning wooden materials

Numerous other types of smoke damage can occur, and as such, there is a wide range of damages that can arise. But what is smoke damage, and what sorts of problems can it cause for property owners? There are three common and notable types of fire smoke damage that property owners can encounter.


Those who have fires in their homes or businesses may notice that the walls are colored differently afterward. This is because smoke and soot contain acids that will discolor the plastics and paints of the surfaces they come into contact with. Wallpaper, painted walls, furniture, and even the flooring of your building, whether carpeted or vinyl, can become permanently discolored following exposure to smoke if they are not thoroughly treated in a timely manner.

However, discoloration isn’t the only aesthetic problem created by smoke fire damage. Once enough time has passed, the residue of smoke can leave behind unsightly black stains that are difficult to remove without the right experience and equipment. Further, metals that come into contact with the ash of fires can start to corrode and discolor, weakening both their appearance and their structural integrity.

Unpleasant Odors

Smoke particles won’t just make your building look bad but smell bad as well. A smoky smell can linger on anything smoke particles come into contact with, whether it be wallpaper or clothing. This pungent odor is capable of lasting many for many years if left untreated, making it less comfortable for occupants. For that reason, you should always call a smoke damage restoration company as soon as possible so they can offer their professional cleaning services.

Health Issues

Wallpaper isn’t the only thing that can become damaged when it comes into contact with smoke; your skin can also experience a variety of problems, such as irritating rashes. Health-related issues are the most serious types of smoke damage, as they can actively become a detriment to an individual’s well-being. As smoke particles are very small, they are capable of entering the lungs of a person caught in a burning room and creating upper respiratory issues, among a myriad of other problems.

If you’re searching for assured cleaning after a fire at your home to ensure the effects of fire smoke damage are properly taken care of, reach out to ServiceMaster Restore today. We’ve helped numerous families and businesses handle all types of smoke damage in their buildings, so if you wish to learn about our past work, read our ServiceMaster Restore reviews and get in touch with our team!

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